What a Smörgåsbord!


Win by Failing Like Google with Leslie

Learn how to design a Pretotype Experiment to learn how to test your ideas by figuring out if you SHOULD build your idea vs whether you CAN build it. We'll answer the question "How can I test market demand by getting skin in the game from customers in 24 hours for zero dollars?".

The “Yes, And” Mindset with Merrilee

Improvisation is not just for laughs*. The same skills & mindsets that make improv work have become critical qualities in leadership at work: presence, acceptance, trust and creative thinking. We'll explore the basics of 'spontaneity' and how you can apply the improv mindset successfully in your everyday life. *there will be laughs.

Press Play with String

LinkedIn is more than just a resume/job platform, it's become a content-driven platform where people look for insights and inspo. Learn how to film creative video content to be more engaging and impactful using your smartphone.

Dance with Divergence with Megan

Divergent thinking is a form of play for your brain. It occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing “non-linear” manner. This session facilitates story training that uses divergent thinking skills. Learn a simple process for constructing a story, and then play a story-based game to explore a divergent thinking model that uses the brain’s natural ability to think and express itself through story

Play Our Way to a Creative Future with Gil

With the focus on the monetary value of what big business innovates, are we missing out on the more successful engagement of play to share not only a powerful technological innovations, but one that can engage on a personal level? Discover cool technology breakthroughs + learn how to tap into your own inner child to transcend the fear of learning something that you may think is out of your reach.

The HeART of Storytelling with Ben

Storytelling is something we do and seek out every day. It’s a deep human need. Often though, when we move into professional settings, storytelling goes out the window. In this session, we’ll chuck it back in the window by exploring how to take our personal stories and transform them into meaningful narratives for our audience.  

Grow Your Play Mojo with Cassandra

This session will support, guide and inspire you explore your inner-world for the purposes of fully embracing play. You will learn how to overcome the self-limiting beliefs that keep you playing small and how to choose courage over comfort. 

Stop, Collaborate and Listen - Mini Hackathon

An interactive group session where we will employ a tailored ‘hack’ framework to rapidly develop & pitch some creative ideas to pitch back to the group at the end of the session.

The Art of Clowning with Fabio

Clowning in the workplace provides the essential tools in transforming your relationship to failure, from fear to courage. The clown teaches us not to take life, or ourselves, too seriously — but rather to find the courage to play with new possibilities when approaching challenges, no matter the result.

Get Crafty: Utopia Domes with Fran

Maker's imaginations will come to life in our Utopia Dome Workshop. Recycled milk bottles are used to house maker’s own imagined utopias. Participants will have access to a number of inspirational picture story books and will use a variety of materials to make their domes including cardboard, felt, foam, pom poms, thread and textured paper.

Insights to Action with Olga and Fiona

A fast-paced introduction to a critical design skill. You will learn how to generate insights from your research and how to act on them. 

LEGO® of Control with Ramon

Explore the importance of letting go of control when working with a team towards a common goal. How can you balance your own agenda plus support the outcome of your team? Will you succeed? Find out while building a LEGO tower!

More session info coming soon