Play x Design
Play x Design
Bringing creative capability to your workplace through play, design and innovation
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It’s time to break out

Who are we?
We are a collaboration of cultural architects across three unique organisations who understand the power of play x design to transform organisations.

What are we breaking out of?  
An old story about ourselves and the world, an old set of ideas that keeps us feeling frazzled, fragmented and at the mercy of forces we think we can not control.

What are we breaking in to? 
A new story, fuelled by courageous optimism, in which we sit comfortably in our own unique sense of self, which we share with ease and confidence.


Keen to work with us?

Let's chat about how we can use play, design and innovation to transform your organisation. 

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it's your time to break out

Big innovation lives right on the edge of ridiculous ideas and when it comes to unlocking our creativity, play isn't just for kids.

BREAK OUT 2018 hosted IDEO Partner and Play Lab Founder, Brendan Boyle, alongside leading play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown, on how play drives innovation and learning.

Our event are for you if you want to BREAK OUT of the same old thinking and challenge perspectives to bring more collaboration and creativity into your work.

We laughed, explored, learned and played as Brendan and Stuart presented content from their IDEO + Stanford course, "From Play to Innovation".

IDEO's passion for play is what drives their global reputation, and the company believes that great, innovative work cannot happen without trial-and-error, experimentation, and a little good old fashioned tomfoolery.

If we are to build dynamic, flourishing teams who can adapt and respond positively to the unexpected, play is not an option, it’s a necessity.