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BREAK OUT 2018 hosted IDEO Partner and Play Lab Founder, Brendan Boyle, alongside leading play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown, on how play drives innovation and learning.

Our events are for you if you want to BREAK OUT of the same old thinking and challenge perspectives to bring more collaboration and creativity into your work.

We laughed, explored, learned and played as Brendan and Stuart presented content from their IDEO + Stanford course, "From Play to Innovation".

If we are to build dynamic, flourishing teams who can adapt and respond positively to the unexpected, play is not an option, it’s a necessity.  



3-day Intensive Course Overview


From Play to Innovation focuses on enhancing the innovation process with playfulness. We will investigate the human “state of play” to reach an understanding of its principal attributes and how important it is to creative thinking.

We explore play behaviour, its development, and its biological basis. We then apply those principles through design thinking to promote innovation in the corporate world.


Break Out