We’re BREAKING OUT, again!

August 13-16, 2019


We’re bringing back IDEO partner, Brendan Boyle and world-renowned play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown in August 2019, with new content and even more BREAK OUT moments, more speakers, more insights and even more fun at our full-day conference and 3-day Stanford d.school intensive.


Big innovation lives right on the edge of ridiculous ideas


BREAK OUT 2018 hosted IDEO Partner and Play Lab Founder, Brendan Boyle, alongside leading play researcher, Dr Stuart Brown, on how play drives innovation and learning.

Our events are for you if you want to BREAK OUT of the same old thinking and challenge perspectives to bring more collaboration and creativity into your work.


If we are to build dynamic, flourishing teams who can adapt and respond to the unexpected, play is not an option, it’s a necessity

3-day Intensive Course Overview


This is content you can only get at the Stanford d.school!

From Play to Innovation explores how playfulness enhances the innovation process. We investigate a real world design problem through experiential learning with Brendan and dive into the science of play with Stuart’s 40+ years of research.

If you want to learn more about the power of play, Brendan and Stuart are world-class!


Break Out